About my pets

As you all know adding widgets to your blog is soo much fun and I think this widget is one everyone would like!

This widget is a virtual pet!! Down below is the link which will take you to the adopt your own virtual pet website.


Now let’s describe my pets.

This is Charlie the puppy: He enjoys long walks on the beach and lots and lots of doggy treats. Charlie can be very cute but don’t let that fool you. He also likes to jump and get excited but eventually stops when his little legs get tired. 

my pet!

Next is Panini the panda: Panini is very cuddly and soft. He doesn’t really do anything during the day but loves it when you have your friends over! 

my pet!

 This is Alexa the hamster: She is very energetic and can run for miles in her little wheel. She can be cheeky and hide from you but will come out when she sees a strawberry. Alexa loves to practise doing makeup in her mini salon but will never give up her daily runs!

my pet!

Last of all is French fries the pig : French fries is a very peculiar pig! She loves cooking bacon and egg rolls and ham and cheese pizza (we do not tell her where that bacon and ham comes from😬 !) Yet she does like to roll around in mud, what a weird pig!!

my pet!

Now you know how cute these pets are why don’t you go add them to your blog!

Don’t forget to tell your friends to visit my blog and check out some other cool widgets on my blog! 

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