About me 💖

Here are 20 facts about me!

Name: Holly

Current Age: 11

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Eye colour: Blue

Favourite Foods: Chocolate, Nachos & Donuts

Favourite Animal: Puppy

Favourite Movies: Mamma mia & Barbie

Family: Mum, Dad and older sister

Hobbies: Netball, Swimming & cooking

Favourite colour: pink

Favourite Sports Teams: Adelaide Crows, Adelaide Thunderbirds, Adelaide strikers & Australian Diamonds

Favourite Sport: Netball

Favourite Book or Series: Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries

What I Love About Blogging: I love how you can play around with widgets and header images

Most Listened To Song: Live in Life by the Rubens

Favourite lesson: HASS

Most Used App: Spotify or Google

Favourite Emoji:  🍩 Donut

Favourite YouTubers: Norris Nuts

In my blog: I will be sharing lots of yummy food pictures, maybe some tutorials and some of the latest or coolest widgets.

Here is a quote that really inspires me. 

If you are interested in any of these things make sure you comment on this page and tell your friends as well!

Bye for now, I will make sure to keep you updated and make sure there’s some cool stuff on my blog

6 thoughts on “About me 💖

  1. Listing everything about yourself is an interesting way of presenting yourself. Keep up the creative work Holly.

  2. Hi Holly,
    Your ‘about me’post is amazing! It is very interesting to read and the colors make it fun and happy. Your inspirational quote is terrific! Words to live by, for sure.

    One question I have is about your favorite lesson – What is HASS?

    Student blogging challenge commenter

    • Hi Marg,
      Nice to meet you. Thank you very much for your feedback. HASS stands for History and Social Sciences. It is a topic where we do history basically but it has a different name!

      Thanks so much,

  3. Hi Holly! I really enjoyed looking at your all about me post! I like the different colors! Hope you have a great day/night!


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