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I think the least helpful was number 6 to shanny as the comment was off topic and it put someone down, then number 4 from sally as it was very off topic and wasn’t edited before it was posted. Next, was number 1 as, the start wasn’t very polite and it used texting language, also it wasn’t helpful. Then number 7 as it wasn’t very helpful, and didn’t start and end properly but it was still respectful. Next was number 8 as it could’ve had more about that persons post and not so much about their opinion, but the person did disagree respectfully. Then number 3 as he tried to start a conversation with that certain person. The 2nd most helpful comment was number number 2 as they gave their opinion and made a connection with that persons post. The most helpful comment was probably number 5 as it gave positive feedback and she identified what part of their post they liked.

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  1. Well done Holly – you have shown your understanding of valuable commenting with your post, I look forward to seeing you use this knowledge when commenting on other blog posts during the Student Blog Challenge!

    Mr Jackson

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