Rating comments


I think the least helpful was number 6 to shanny as the comment was off topic and it put someone down, then number 4 from sally as it was very off topic and wasn’t edited before it was posted. Next, was number 1 as, the start wasn’t very polite and it used texting language, also it wasn’t helpful. Then number 7 as it wasn’t very helpful, and didn’t start and end properly but it was still respectful. Next was number 8 as it could’ve had more about that persons post and not so much about their opinion, but the person did disagree respectfully. Then number 3 as he tried to start a conversation with that certain person. The 2nd most helpful comment was number number 2 as they gave their opinion and made a connection with that persons post. The most helpful comment was probably number 5 as it gave positive feedback and she identified what part of their post they liked.

200 word writing challenge

Crash!!!! “Lucas, why are you in my bedroom!?”  “I’m finding my soccer ball!” “Get out NOW!!” There once was a girl called Alexa who had the most annoying brother in the world. “MUM!!” “Guys you have get to school and I have to go to work, stop fighting and get in the car!” Mum’s car was covered in snow caused by last night’s snowstorm! We ended up being 1 hour late after having to shovel the snow on mum’s car! My friend Katie was working on a maths test when I walked in and got dirty looks from my teacher and a “You’re late Alexa!” as if I didn’t already know. I was exhausted by the time I got home that night, my day couldn’t get any worse. I had scored a weeks detention for being late even though mum wrote a note and according to Katie my 200 word essay was due today as well! I walked into the kitchen and standing there was my teacher talking to my mum. Before I could walk back out the door mum called me in the kitchen. I walked in acting surprised to see my teacher since I didn’t want her to know I was standing there the whole time. “Alexa I must tell you something!” “Your brother was caught in a snow storm and now he’s dead!!!!!!!!!!!”